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SeeDEGA is the home of SONG BASED guitar and piano instruction using super easy techniques, created by yours truly, Joe Doran.

If you’ve tried to learn guitar or piano, but have been frustrated by lack of results in being able to just sit down and play songs in a satisfying way, then STOP and CONSIDER this: how much money have you already spent on books, videos, or even “pros” who could play great themselves, but couldn’t get you where you wanted?

My SeeDEGA Guitar Method and LRPCN Piano Method (Left-hand Right-hand Piano Chord Notation) are truly different.  They use simple, exciting techniques that simply are not found anywhere else.  I know, because I created them…

innovative guitar: SeeDEGA

It’s a fact: there’s a memory tool using basic chord forms that any guitarist can use to play an entire set of key chords at a given fret board position, with the least possible shifting from that position.  And no guitarist or guitar teacher wrote about this incredible sequence until I did, in my original book, The SeeDEGA Method.  The so-called CAGED sequence is NOT the full story of how to use five basic chord forms to play the fret board.  The SeeDEGA sequence I detailed in my first guitar instruction book, definitively expanded the chord form concept CAGED started.  And only my books contain this incredible information.

I didn’t stop there, though.  My books on chord melody, including my latest guitar book, Christmas Chord Melody Guitar with SeeDEGA, take the mystery out of playing this seemingly difficult style of guitar.  I show exactly how to take virtually any single-note melody line on guitar and quickly put chords to it, so that it still sounds like the melody, played with chords.  Simple!   And my SeeDEGA Guitar Method COMPLETE COURSE contains all the fret board, playing and arranging insights that make my approach learning guitar truly simple, straightforward, and unique.

incredibly easy chord-style piano: LRPCN

If you just want to be able to sit down at a piano and play songs that sound great, keeping it simple and knowing what you’re doing, not just memorizing, then LRPCN was created for you.

What’s LRPCN?  Left-hand, Right-hand Piano Chord Notation is a way of using and notating simple triad (three-note) chords to put your hands in the best and most efficient position to play any given popular tune.

I know how incredible my simple chord-style piano system works, because I use it to play songs.  In fact, the whole method is based around learning and playing songs using simple triads, simply notated.  I call LRPCN a “chord-style piano method”, because it teaches how to play melodies in the right-hand from within chords, and not just as memorized single-note lines.  This makes it much easier to understand what’s happening as you play, and easier to improvise, by moving to other chord inversions or stacked chords to create more complex sounds without having to overthink things!

LRPCN will get you playing songs faster than you ever thought possible.  That’s right.  NOT playing exercises.  But playing through songs, which is why you want to play piano in the first place, right?

I’ve been there.  I just wanted to sit at the piano and play great sounding chord-style renditions of “Danny Boy”, “Jingle Bells”, or “Hotel California” for that matter, without 5 years of lessons with a piano teacher.  Now I know how to do it.  And I can show you exactly how to play the songs you love!


I hate mysteries.  I hate memorizing things without understanding what I’m doing.  So the techniques I developed to play and arrange songs on piano and guitar do two things: (1) KEEP IT SIMPLE; and (2) MAKE IT UNDERSTANDABLE.  That’s what you’ll get with my music instruction products.

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Spotlight: SeeDEGA Memory Tools Expand the CAGED Guitar Sequence into a Comprehensive Chord Form Approach

So What Is The CAGED Guitar Sequence?

“CAGED” refers to the way that five basic chord forms—C-A-G-E-D—link along the fretboard, with each playing the same chord tone. It’s a great tool for remembering where to play the same chord tone at different fretboard locations:

caged guitar chord forms

Understand that you can begin with any of the five basic forms at any fretboard location, and proceed along the sequence, to the next form, up or down.

Even though the general chord tone is the same, the different inversions of notes creates different sound textures that can really add to songs and riffs. The CAGED sequence makes it easier to find and play partial chords, triads, etc., at various fret board locations. No wonder CAGED is one of the best known guitar “secrets”.