The SeeDEGA Guitar Instruction Method COMPLETE COURSE

The SeeDEGA Guitar Instruction Method COMPLETE COURSE!
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SeeDEGA Guitar Instruction Complete System

This is the complete SeeDEGA Guitar Learning Method, offered at a $50 savings over items purchased separately.  It includes the original SeeDEGA Method softbound book, two instruction DVDs, and five E-books (delivered digitally in PDF format, following purchase).

Many guitarists still don’t know it, but it’s a fact: the so-called CAGED sequence was just the beginning.  What’s CAGED?  It’s an order of basic fret board fingering shapes or “chord forms” on guitar.  “CAGED” helps guitarists remember how and where to play the same chord tone (or sound) at different places along the fret board.

But CAGED isn’t the only chord form memory tool that can help in conceptually organizing the guitar fret board!  Joe Doran’s innovative guitar instruction chord-form approach uses impossible-to-forget memory tools to teach how to play–including chord form insights that he was the first to discover and develop.

And Joe’s books on chord melody de-mystify once and for all this intimidating style of guitar.

So: for those who want to leverage simple chord forms to learn the entire guitar fret board, and know how to quickly put chords to virtually any popular single-note melody on guitar, your search ends here.  This system provides the answers.

What’s included:
The SeeDEGA Method softbound book
The SeeDEGA Essentials E-book
The Arranging With SeeDEGA E-book
The Leading With SeeDEGA E-book
The advanced SeeDEGA Chord Melody Study E-book
The Christmas Chord Melody With SeeDEGA book
The SeeDEGA Method DVD
The Arranging SeeDEGA DVD

Our wonderful customers are the reason we’re in business. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us.

We’ll do everything we can to make sure you’re a satisfied customer, too!

Who’s a genius? You are sir. I’ve been getting chordally better thanks to your system. You’re Jason Statham on guitar. You transport people to places beyond CAGED. The open chord thing is so beautiful up and down the fretboard… If people don’t see how amazing your system is they eventually will I promise you.
G. Tucker., Tulsa OK

I know we as guitar players have a lot of methods stored in our homes but I think this is the best way in order to organize the fretboard I’ve found.
Caged sequence it is not enough, you need to know which chord to use next in the same position, and that’s is what this method is about.
Sergio JL, Review On Amazon

I have all of Joe’s books and find them very useful and what is great is I learn a bit more each day and I like being able to work at my own pace. I’d recommend all Joe’s books for beginners or advanced players simply for organizing fingerboard and improving playing skills. Once your fingerboard comprehension is improved, you naturally start playing & sounding better…
I always wondered how some of the jazz great guitar players could put together chord melodies so easily. this book helps you understand the chord scale concept. It helped me figure out some chord melodies I was trying to figure out. Joe is a great writer and presentation is straight ahead and clear. I’d recommend arranging with seedega as a great learning tool to add to your collection.
Handy Andy, Review On Amazon

This method is very useful and does answer my question of chord families. I like the thought put into the method. CAGED is very useful, but you’re correct it does not take the next step into chord progressions and voice leading. SeeDEGA makes so much sense (how chords relate to each other)… Thanks Joe. This is some great stuff you have here. It has answered a lot of questions that I have had for a long time.
G. Clarke., Woodbridge NJ

For the first time in my practice as a long-standing hobby guitar player i’ve found some consistent explanation to how and why one can build a solid chord melody arrangement around the song one loves. After years of searching for some helpful book or teacher who could show me some comprehensible way to put it all into practice I am so grateful to have come across this method!
A. Eremenko., Review On Amazon

“WOWWWW!!!!, I got home from work and tried out your theories on my guitar and I think I created my first chord-melody on my own. I saw that you did a video on Youtube on Rudolph so I decided to use that as my song (but I never watched your video yet). I hummed out the song Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer and hummed out the melody in my head and worked it out on the guitar in the key of G on the top two strings pretty much between the third fret and tenth frets. Then every time I felt like harmonizing a melody note I would experiment using the root, third, or fifth of a chord until it sounded like it fit and before I knew it I was combining single note lines with three to four note chords and it sounded great. It even sounded jazzy with the use of that diminished chord or when I landed on that jazzy dominant 7th chord.
“I feel like a new door in my playing has definitely been open. I hope my little Rudolph experiment wasn’t a fluke though. There are a few milestones in a guitarists experience when they see the light or when a new door is opened up for them and they advance. Your videos and advice have definitely had that impact on me. Thank you again!”
M. Bartgen

I have been playing around with the lesson you have shown with many different songs, mostly Steely Dan. you have opened so many doors for me that my playing, long platoed, is now undergoing a resurgence! Thank you so very much!
N. Van Tassell, Review From YouTube

This is what you call a real “guitar lesson.” Nine out of 10 people put up videos on here showing themselves playing a song,- no chords, no tabs, no explanation of technique and call it “a lesson” when is nothing more than “watch how nice I can play.” Thank you for sharing this video, and for no cost, it is evident you are great musician and put a lot of time into this.
EzBlu, Review From YouTube

Ive been looking for a lesson like this.. Thankyou. Amazing lesson and it has taught me alot.
MrJonezy79, Review From YouTube

“I just bought your DVD and book related to chord harmony. I was looking for this for sometime. I play in open D and re-started all over playing guitar about 6 years ago in that format…and started also studying harmony and music theory.
“I like Kelly Joe phelps Style and melody folk type guitar sound. I like to make my own arrangements to play my personal stuff. I enjoy guitar very much. Anyway, your approach gives me an important key tool to write and arrange my music based on the melody line. Simplicity is sometime the best in music theory.
“Thanks for sharing this with people I wish I had read about you long time ago….
Stephane Roy, Canada

“I’m finding your books very stimulating. I want to focus solely on Chord Melody playing and I’m finding that your Seedega framework is much more coherent than many other methods for beginning to put together a chord melody arrangement!… The method you illustrate in your works is exactly what I’ve been looking for for a LONG TIME. Playing the guitar ‘cogently’.”
R. Esquivel

“Thank you very much sir! … I’ve been playing guitar for a year and a half, but unlike most people that pick up a guitar I’ve always been interested in learning why things sound good, why musicians chose a certain chord or scale, and I found your lesson very helpful. I’ve learned lots of blues, pop and rock music but Christmas music almost has to be in jazzy chords to sound good. So after watching your video I sat there and tabbed out silent night in the key of D, then used your method to place a chord melody over it and it sounded great! Anyways, long story short your method works really well!”
M. Bergie, Canada

“I received the SeeDEGA DVD today and got a chance to look through it. It clears up some questions about chord shapes and forms and how many variations there are… Overall, I think it is a very good DVD for instruction. Thanks again!”
S. McMillan, Salisbury CT

“You’ve gained a new fan! I was led to your SeeDEGA site via your YouTube chord-melody videos. Thank you!
J. Alcruz

“You’re awesome… I really appreciate your help and insight. I get so much out of each viewing session. I play them over and over and over and …Thanks for all your help. Please keep me on your mailing label for new insights and any direction. I am a returning player and have been getting so much more enjoyment and insight out of the guitar now than in years past.”
M. Valbusa, San Francisco, CA

“I have begun to read and practice what is in your book and must admit it’s a real eye opener. It’s fun to see how easily I can move around the neck…”
Y. Caron, Quebec Canada